In Ukraine has been built recycling plant of European level

Limited Liability Company "ECO-Union" (the structure of the financial and industrial corporations DMS) has won the tender announced by the Ministry of Environment as part of the budget program "Financial support for environmental activities, including through the mechanism to reduce the cost of commercial bank loans."

"Eco-Union" offers to improve the state of the environment that have been recognized as best as provide implementation of a comprehensive treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction waste recycling plant, which has no analogues in Ukraine.

During the implementation of the investment project in Nikolaev there will be built processing plant debris, equipped with high-tech equipment in the European Union. Its activities will bring sanitary cleaning of the city to a new level by repeatedly decline in MSW landfills, thus will extend the use of the latter. At the factory 30% of municipal solid waste with a special installation will be processed into biogas, which will subsequently be used as fuel for refueling vehicles, as well as concrete plants in Ukraine - in various technical processes. Thus, the domestic market will acquire European experience for Waste Management: today in our country using an outdated approach to waste disposal - burning it.

Abroad biogas is widely used in the production of electricity, as an automotive fuel. This allows processing of gas clean carbon dioxide in solid and liquid form (freezing products, metal welding, and other technical processes). Introduction of European-level treatment of municipal solid waste leads to environmental improvement, opens promising opportunities recycling solid waste and will reduce the amount of land for creating polygons.

Cost of the project is 114, 5 mln. provides for the establishment of more than 200 jobs.

"Eco-Union" offers a rational economically and environmentally sound approach to the problem of solid waste management. It is developing projects to reduce volumes transported to landfill, their reuse as fuel for the production of biogas.