Soldiers in Afghanistan memorial plates inaugurated in the Kuibyshev district

On Wednesday, February 12 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan solemn meeting was held in Donetsk construction vocational school. Schoolchildren, soldiers-internationalists, World War II veterans and government officials gathered to honor the memory of the defenders of the Motherland, who died in Afghanistan.

"Despite all the difficulties that our country is experiencing, it is important not to forget the deeds of past years," stressed the City Council Secretary Sergey Bogachev.

The venue for the meeting was not chosen randomly . It was at that school, which 25 years ago was named technical professional, studied three young boys who volunteered to perform internationalist duty, and fell on the battlefield. Now Lyceum enrolls more than 300 children who will become future builders. The Kuibyshev district council deputy of Donetsk, the CEO of "Ukrbilding Corporation" (DMS Corporation) Aleksandr Petruk addressed students : " Of all the people present here , I am probably the closest to your generation . For us, those days seem to be something that happened long ago, something we know only by hearsay. But this does not mean that we can forget about heroic deeds. Today's meeting and the opening of commemorative plates is the necessary step to save memories. This will allow students to be aware of their fellow countrymen, to be proud of them . Owing to these three boys and thousands of other soldiers, we have the opportunity to build our future the way we see it." He wished longevity, health, prosperity and goodness to soldiers in Afghanistan, their families and friends. Aleksandr Petruk also conveyed wishes to veterans on behalf of Donetsk city council deputy Andrei Alyosha.

In memory of the fallen soldiers on the facade of the Lyceum three memorial plates were installed, which are the reminiscences of deeds performed by the pupils of the Lyceum. " They were young fellows with flaming hearts and the fire in their eyes . We saw them off with the whole school, like one big family "- says the deputy director for training and production of the Donetsk vocational school Liliya Afanasyeva.

 Accompanied by guns’ volleys memorial plates were presented to the meeting. Now every student and every passer-by will remember a feat of Valeriy Arsenov , Viktor Nikolayev and Alexey Shevtsov. After the memorial flowers were laid, all participants moved to the memorial museum of the Soviet Union Hero Vladimir Arsenov.