In Donetsk, three families received free apartments in the new house

The house is built, LLC "Ukrbilding Corporation' (UBC), construction division, financial and industrial corporations DMS. Three apartments after construction were transferred to local authorities to provide housing for privileged categories of citizens.

The other apartments in 9­ storied building were sold on the free market. As the CEO " Ukrbilding Corporation" Alexander Petruk said  this house was the first in the framework of social housing programs. The company was one of the first to offer the residents of affordable housing in new buildings.

Prices for apartments in the new building 30-­40% lower than in the elite new and slightly cheaper than the ones in secondary market. According to A. Petruk, UBC itself produces construction of materials for themselves and do not use the services of intermediaries, which allowed to sell apartments at the lowest prices in Donetsk .
The house is built on modern design, equipped with elevators OTIS, water and heat meters, plastic windows, house territory follow European standards, has a playground planted with trees.

According to the builders, high­rise was completed on the third attempt.  After the construction of the house they did not properly complete the mine "Panfilov"  and plant ­3, was sold unfinished frame "Ukrbilding Corporation".  Investor affordable housing for Shakhtar made ​financial and industrial corporation and DMS Prominvestbank. As the president of DMS Andrey Alyosha," having our own quarries and construction equipment, plants for the production of concrete, building materials, plastic windows, design institute and other production facilities allow us to significantly reduce costs. Getting rid of intermediaries, dealers, we are able to offer city apartment without extra charges and foreign interest, without monograms on the roofs ­ a simple and quality accommodation".