Donetsk citizens ate "record" Christmas tree cake

On Saturday, December 22, during the opening of the city Christmas tree on the Lenin square industrial corporation «DMS» gave the largest in Ukraine and, as it turned out , in Europe Christmas cake.

Donetsk residents feast on culinary creation was given a 5- meter-long and 2.4 meters wide, decorated with Christmas ornaments of sweet glaze. Pie "Donetsk Christmas" weighed 380 kg. Experts estimate that Starobeshevskaya bakery, which was ordered production of this culinary masterpiece, used 210 kg of flour, 70 kg of jam, 30 kg of sugar and 25 kg of margarine to make a cake.

Financial and industrial corporation «DMS» - management company (Donetsk). Holds assets in metallurgy, construction , mining, transport , advertising and other sectors of the economy. Corporation sells numerous public and social programs, conducts extensive charitable activities .

Corporation is in charge of the orphanage number 1 and number one orphanage in Donetsk. «DMS» futsal team is sponsoring "Enakievets" - Cup of Ukraine among league teams in 2006, as well as the Donetsk regional federation of hand-to-hand fighting.