In Donetsk a social hostel for orphans can be opened

Already in 2013 in Donetsk, you may receive social hostel for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Instructed voters to consider this option deputy Andrey Alyosha makes the September session of the Donetsk City Council. According to the results of work in the hall it must be approved by the decision "On measures to implement the orders of voters data deputies of the city council of the VI convocation" along with all orders, as amended by deputies.

From the beginning of this year, Andrey Alyosha and his assistants are engaged in work on the inventory of hostels in Donetsk and to seek opportunities for their conversion into apartments for orphans and children deprived of parental care, with higher or vocational education. This initiative is based on the program of activities to implement the state Family and Youth Policy in Donetsk in 2011. If this document is of a general nature, that in October the Donetsk city council may adopt a program to provide housing for persons of the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care, which will be spelled out specific arrangements, timing and funding.

To work on the dorms deputy Alexey drew Housing Authority Donetsk City Council, which acts as a balance holder of dormitories communal property. Purpose is identifying of vacant but habitable objects and persons illegally occupying housing in Donetsk "dorm". Also in development is the deputy team property complex on Bakhmetjeva 30 in Petrovskiy district of Donetsk. This vacant academic buildings and dormitories were previously on the balance of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. After the merger of the institution with DonNTU buildings should go to balance of technical university. Upon completion of all formalities Andrey Alyosha intends to seek the transfer of the complex to the balance of the city followed by retrofitting it into apartments for orphans.

Details of interaction with authorities and universities for the dorms can be found in the deputy Andrey Alyosha's blog on Facebook.

"There is political will to provide orphans of Donetsk an education and profession, those who want to lead a normal life, to work, to create a complete family housing. There are necessity for this regulatory framework. Our task is to find the best mechanisms to promptly solve the issue. One of these is the effective management of both municipal and departmental property - hostels. Unacceptable to what can and should be civilized housing turned into a safe haven for anti-social and criminal elements", - said Andrey Alyosha.

According to the service for the children of the Donetsk city council, the city has 1,033 human orphans and children deprived of parental care, who are homeless. Of these, 100 people aged 16 to 23 years old made up on the housing register, with housing in 2010 was only 1 person.