In DMS, preparing for certification ISO 9001:2000. As a company focused on business development and expansion of its geography

One of the prerequisites for the integration of the domestic business in the global economy is that the quality of products and services to international standards. The relevance of this criterion has increased significantly since Ukraine's accession to the WTO. Therefore, more and more domestic companies , particularly focused on the international market or to attract foreign investment in its own projects , are certified by the system ISO. Get the appropriate international certificate becomes an important advantage of domestic enterprises , enabling us to compete with foreign companies .

 DMS was no exception : we set a goal to pass the certification system for ISO. For us, the main advantage of standard 9001:2000 is its focus on process management activities and systematic approach in the field of quality assurance . Complex character can cover both external and internal environment of the company. Another huge advantage is its adaptability to existing enterprise document management system . Documentation hierarchy proposed standard 9001:2000 , according to experts , Embeds the quality management system all organizational and administrative , regulatory and technical documentation of the enterprise, as well as documentation from external sources.