Ukrzaliznitsia has canceled the collection of fees for the supply of wagons to inactive freight railway stations

Management of UZ has finally made a descision to cancel the rating of freight stations. Also it has decided to stop collection of additional fees for the supply of wagons to inactive freight railway stations. These innovation were announced by Valery Tkachev, deputy director of the department of commercial work of Ukrzaliznitsia.

He noted that up to this point, only a temporary suspension of the rating procedure was in effect.
"The removal of restrictions will stimulate the growth of freight traffic on the railways of Ukraine, and a large number of shippers in all regions of the country will gain access to rail transport services. At the same time, the management of JSC UZ will continue to look for ways to optimize the low-volume railway infrastructure and reduce the cost of its maintenance," Tkachev said.

As a reminder, in August 2020, the AMCU fined Ukrzaliznytsia 18 million UAH for the fact that Ukrzaliznytsya identified some railway stations that are used for sending or receiving goods to be inactive and introduced for cargo owners the service "Supply and cleaning of wagons and containers for loading or unloading at low-activity stations to carry out commercial operations, as well as work on receiving, issuing, loading and unloading."

On September 3, the list of inactive railway stations for the first half of 2020 was suspended.

Later, the head of JSC UZ Vladimir Zhmak said that Ukrzaliznytsia would change its approach to closing low-capacity railway stations. "We will not demand that they operate for any longer than is really possible, and we will revise the tariffs for opening stations for shippers who use them. That is, we will change the approach, we will divide these low-performing stations into categories: grain, crushed stone, sandy ", — Zhmak explained.