Ukrbuilding Corporation received a professional award for reconstuction of Ilyicha Avenue

January 20 Shakhtar Plaza hosted the annual presentation of professional builders Guild’s awards to real estate developers who have made a significant contribution to urban development of Donetsk. According to the tradition, this award is presented to the best companies by the Mayor of Donetsk.
In 2011, the Guild established 11 nominations, three of which were awarded for work on reconstruction. Among the objects which have received high praise, was Ilyicha Avenue, rehabilitated by Ukrbuilding Corporation.
Recall that the tender for the reconstruction of Ilyicha Avenue building company DMS won in 2008. The work began three years later and continued 7 months. During that time, a range of activities was made: from stone blocks covering reconstruction and reducing the slope on the sidewalk to installation of park lighting. Production weekdays on transforming one of the central avenues of the city were immortalized in the album “The New Face of the Old Avenue”, which was presented by the general contractor to the Mayor Aleksandr Lukyanchenko in November 2011.
Today Peter Pererva, the CTO of Ukrbuilding Corporation received the award from the Mayor of Donetsk. “This award is especially pleasing as it is deserved. Our specialists had done a great job. The object is large, technically complex and being the general contractor, we were responsible for the entire range of activities. But the work was interesting,”- said Mr. Pererva.
According to Aleksandr Petruk, the CEO of Ukrbuilding Corporation, Guild’s Award will take its rightful place among other awards of general contractor, as it reflects the assessment of the expert community, which can only be impressed with professionalism.
But the only issue all people from the Corporation agree about - its president Andrey Alyosha, and all the employees - is that the highest award is the positive feedback about what has been done by us from inhabitants of Donetsk.
“I work with retirees and veterans in Donetsk. They remember the avenue in its original form. Frankly, I was very pleased to hear that they like the updated Ilyicha avenue,”- said Andrey Alyosha. – “Ultimately, everything we do in the city, we do for its residents. These are the most impartial judges who will evaluate our work not just today, but over the years,” - said the deputy city council Andrey Alyosha.