Accurately! Quickly! Powerfully! DMS Practical Shooting Team prepares for the tournament in Odessa

The open pistol practical shooting tournament will take place on the shores of the Black Sea next Friday already. This event will be an excellent opportunity for gunfighters of DMS to access their strengths and weaknesses before the upcoming IPSC Handgun World Shoot in Thailand.

Moment 1
In preparation for the future competitions, the DMS team placed emphasis on practicing distance travel, as well as firing from inconvenient positions. Special attention was paid by the athletes of the Corporation on a skill of keeping calm and concentration during high-speed shooting.

Moment 3
«The main factor of success in practical shooting is the ability to maintain self-control even when decisions need to be made in a few second — coaches of our team say. — A marksman, first of all, is a personattentive and cold-blooded person, and only then fast and accurate shooter!»