Athletes DOFRB became second, and the judges - the first

May 4-6 in Dnepropetrovsk Championship of Ukraine on fighting . Team Donetsk region was represented by 9 athletes , as well as the panel of judges consisting of Yuri Sivokonenko , Dmitry Mulyak Gavrilchik and Valeria , who was recognized as the best in the championship . In the individual championship of our guys have extracted two "gold" - distinguished Artyom Yegorov (80 kg ) and Sergei Kudinov ( + 85 kg) , "silver" in the 85 kg weight got Alexei Mereyniku and "bronze" weight 85 kg won Yuri Kostyagin . In the team competition , Donetsk region became the second . First team place - people of Kiev , the third - the home team , Dnipropetrovsk . Also during the ceremony of the tournament , our coach Valery Gavrilchik was awarded with Merit third degree. Training and participation of athletes and judges DOFRB championship claimed Corporation DMS, permanent partner federation since 2006. Help. Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS is the managing company that owns assets in the steel , construction, mining, transport , advertising and other sectors of the economy. Corporation sells numerous public and social programs , conducts extensive charitable activities . Corporations are in charge of the orphanage number 1 and number one orphanage in the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk , DMS is a sponsor of futsal team " Enakievets " The Ukrainian Cup winners among major league teams in 2005 .