Specialists of "Ukrbuilding Corporation" engaged Donetsk school

A little over a month since the school number 40 in the village Avdotyino visited Donetsk city council deputy Andrey Alesha and chairman of the Leninsky District Council Oleg Belyaev . At that time the school urgently needed help : the oncoming cold and the toilet had no water, no heating.

School was not ready to tackle such problems on their own, and parents began to knock on doors all available . They not only heard but also taken concrete measures deputy Andrei Alyosha . After the private meeting with parents , school administrators and district council chairman Oleg Belyaev , Alyosha concluded school problems are solved , especially if you do it together. All pressure points , he told Mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko, who agreed to help the school. To do this, the City Council will make the next year's budget expenditure on repair of school .

But one problem required urgent and immediate solutions . In the school building , there is a toilet that has no water , heat, ventilation and plumbing . Help create normal sanitary conditions for pupils deputy decided at their own expense - before the winter period.

This month experts " Ukrbilding Corporation " held in room water, have warmed it, and installed the necessary sanitary appliances .

"... The global problem of our school solved thanks to you . Our children now have a warm toilet . Kindness and caring for the younger generation , health , surprises , delights and captivates ... " - said in a letter of thanks to the parents of pupils at school number 40 Name deputy Andrey Aleyosha.

With no less warmth of parents of pupils is another school - school № 63 in the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk - will be remembered for all those involved in the unfolding for the old school building construction .

What school number 63 does not have sufficient areas for simultaneous and comprehensive education of children seen by the naked eye. Educational institution is a small , quite old , and sports and assembly halls there. The children living in the village of October , to gain knowledge nowhere else , but because of lack of space has to be engaged in podsmenu .

State money sometimes even one class repair is not possible, but because in the expansion of all hope for sponsors and patrons . School has strong support Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine". He initiated and ordered the construction of a new academic building and reconstruction of the existing building.

For obtaining a general contractor for the construction of schools fought several companies , including OOO " Ukrbuilding Corporation (" corporate structure DMS, which is headed by Andrey Aleyosha ) . And although the company has won the tender ViRa, the idea of ​​" Ukrbilding Corporation" liking customer. Now it DMS structure protects the customer's interests - fund " Development of Ukraine " - and performs the functions of technical supervision of construction.

"We have developed more than a month bid and won the tender although not received the recognition of our customer. Therefore, " Ukrbilding Corporation " takes part in this project. We are interested to work with status customer, not just interested in participating in the construction project , and the project , which carries a significant social burden , "- said Alexander Petruk , CEO of construction company holding DMS.

The new extension to the school will be located classes , a bedroom and a playroom for elementary school students . In addition, the plans had been building assembly and sports halls as well as workshops.

Currently underway is a reconstruction of the premises of the first and second floors and the construction of the building with an extension of additional space . To date, the project is ready for more than half. The total area of ​​the extension will be more than 4.5 thousand square meters , the new building will be located on an area of ​​2.5 thousand squares.