International Day of the elderly in local social services center

In celebration of the International Day for the elderly, the deputy of Donetsk City Council  Andrey Alesha and chairman of Kuibyshev district in Donetsk city council Negulyaev Alexander visited the Regional Center of social services for pensioners.

More than six months territorial Center was unable to serve those in need, due to the mismatch catering department sanitation standards. After the ban on the provision of food sanitary station pensioners have been discontinued .

In 2013, the indifferent visitors center appealed to charitable organizations Andrew Alyosha, who took care of all the expenses associated with the acquisition and installation of modern equipment for the organization of the kitchen . Today she is able to serve 30 seniors a day. In the future, new dining plan to increase service to two hundred people a day . If necessary , the amount of free meals for them is increased.

" It is very important kind of attention from the local government , it even makes us live, feeling that we need someone else . I would like to say a sincere thank you to the people who create such conditions for us " - thanked the present 86 -year-old pensioner Lydia Vasilevna.Deputat city council Andrey Alesha , whose charitable organization and is improving the nutrition unit , attended the gala concert organized for seniors and presented gifts to all the guests .

"Overcoming social isolation , increase self-esteem of an old man , the creation of the basic conditions for its life , the recognition of its values ​​- that's what I see one of the main missions of our generation. Not help such a collective territorial center , do not help the elderly , we just could not . So Historically, in our city patrons put their efforts with respect to our future : children, orphans , children with disabilities ... But we can not exist without our past , and that past and are elderly. Here we are trying to restore a balance aid. and today I really enjoy looking at the happy faces of our seniors . In such moments, you realize that for the sake of those smiles is worth living , and what we've done , not done in vain , "- said Andrey Alesha.

Directorate of Territorial Centre notes that this is not the last improvement of conditions for servicing their retirees , and encourages investors who have such opportunities , follow the example of Andrew Alyosha .

"We have such unusual attention and we even a little embarrassing. Only reason for the disclosure of such event - attracting people who might also be something to help the needy residents of Donetsk and region . I am very grateful to Andrei Nikolaevich for his help and attention to us . Case as for not even a material component , but simply human sympathy . We saw that he needed , and therefore need to live and work on. We are on the right path, "- said the center's director Lyudmila Homyuk .