Corporation prepares its players for the European Championships

From 20 to 27 June at the National Federation of Iron Port melee held training camp . The event was attended by more than 60 athletes from all over Ukraine. TCB are kind of summing up the past season and planning for the upcoming season . One of the most important issues - the formation of the national team to perform at the upcoming European Championships . Recall , the tournament will be held in Poland in October 2011 . The first room in the team selected athletes DOFRB - reigning champion Volodymyr Buklanov Paul Snigur . Expect a positive decision has 2 Donetsk athlete that could significantly strengthen the team at prestigious competitions . Do join the " Donetsk Legion" Maxim Iovenko and Alexander Levashov , will be known during the August charges.

"We are pleased that the level of our athletes do not doubt the National Federation ", - said Victor Cretu DOFRB director . - "I hope that August will allow increasing the representation of the Donetsk region in the national team . In the meantime, we are preparing the organizational , morally and financially to participate in the European Championship . " With regard to the financial component , it is traditionally a constant partner for DOFRB - Corporation DMS.

The beautiful half DOFRB will also be presented in the national team of Ukraine in the international arena , and only junior in 2012 in France, with which we congratulate Alina Gagin .

"Last season was difficult for us . Internal reorganization , a bet on a new generation of athletes in the formation of structures on the calendar event, injury, all this affected the partial results, but the overall result I , as president DOFRB , happy ", - said Andrey Alyosha. - "Guys have survived and were able to take first place in the national team for the upcoming international competitions. I am grateful for the fact that they support the authority of Donetsk school , won the senior companions , not allowing opponents to forget with whom they are dealing . "

"I want to thank the coaches for their activities at the first half of the year job. The results enable us to move forward in the national team and orient new generation of athletes DOFRB to European and international perspective. It is very important to maintain a close fight as a sport and development capacity of the local schools , "- said Valery Andreyev , head coach DOFRB .