DMS Corporation became a participant of the regional Chamber of Commerce

In December 2010, the Corporation «DMS» became a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Donetsk region and, accordingly, Ukraine received a membership card under the number 14-932. Today Chamber of Commerce of Donetsk region comprises more than 5.5 thousand enterprises successful in manufacturing, construction, consumer goods, services, research and management.

The status of member for Corporation «DMS» is regarded as an important step towards the realization of its own investment projects, which, nevertheless, is of great social importance. The Corporation plans to raise about $ 500 million in the development of coal mines in the Luhansk region, metallurgical environmentally optimal production in Makeyevka, Donetsk region, waste-processing and production of alternative fuels in the Nikolaevskiy region, as well as the construction of wind farms in Donetsk and the development of the national operator of outdoor advertising on leading positions in Ukraine.

Implementation of these projects involves the rational use of natural and human resources available to these territories, the creation of highly efficient production, new jobs, a quality transport and social infrastructure.