DMS Corporation became a party to the international educational project

AIESEC "specializes" in the creation and implementation of social and educational projects, the organization of international internships.

According to the Vice President for External Relations AIESEC in Donetsk Anna Ivanova, Act.in.UA - is a unique international experience, allowing students of the leading universities in the region to receive and implement project management skills.

In 2012 Act.in.UA involved students of  2-4 courses of Donetsk National University, National Technical University, University of Economics and Law, University of Management and  National Medical University. A total of 20 people, that were pre-selected and would work in four groups with foreign coaches. DMS Corporation offered its partners to develop a project in the direction of «HR - human resources, personnel management, personnel services." On the way out, we expect the employer to get a fresh look at the model of development staff in three strategic areas: adaptation, training, career management. The basis of brainstorming - is evaluation of staff development of one of the holding companies, a major operator of outdoor advertising included in the top 10 national ranking.

"I believe that business must constantly interact with young professionals and students. Society should be interested in how to get a quality education, including participation in international internships, educational projects, and to build a decent job. This is the only way to maintain the prestige of higher education and the idea of ​​education" , - says Andrey Alesha , President of the Corporation and a member of DMS Donetsk City Council . - "Today we face situation when serious companies that can provide professional and career growth require, as a rule , experts with a certain level of qualification, professional identity, experience. So often "behind" are capable university graduates who do not pass the selection on formal grounds. And such projects allow the employer to see real opportunities for students in the " field " and to include another "smart head "  in the team, and then immediately offer challenging work ", - says Andrey Alesha , whose activities are concentrated in the parliamentary Standing Committee on Family, Youth and Sports. 

Within several months it will become clear whether  DMS Corpora become such employer. Act.in.UA project started on February 16 and runs until May 31. By this very date proposed students' works should not only be developed but also implemented.