DMS Corporation congratulated small wards with June, 1st

Wardship of small residents of Donetsk left without parents is his own business and one of the directions of the general social activities of the Corporation «DMS» for more than 10 years. The President’s representatives of DMS Corporation, first, the deputy of the Kuibyshev district, and then the Donetsk city council Alyosha, are the frequent visitors of orphanage № 1: we come with gifts and solutions to particular issues. A patron considers his main task is not only material support of the institution and its students, but also to protect the interests of orphans in the socialization process.
This year's festival at the orphanage № 1 was unusual. Traditionally, small hosts give interesting performances to their guests. But this time, after the performance surprise awaited for them: giant puppets and clowns with giant soap bubbles, inside of which each of the children could go visited children. Fairytale characters, bright performance, sweets and latest educational game programs Andrey Alyosha brought to his wards.
Not indifferent  adults, including «DMS» Corporations’ staff with its undisputed leader Andrey Alyosha, do not stop repeating  the fact that every child has the right to be loved, to be cared of and be protected. Then these kids will grow up and won’t be indifferent to their own children and others.