Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS gave Donetsk Regiment patrol Orlowski and Russian trotters and Ukrainian horse who will soon enter on patrol in Donetsk and will work , including , in the period of the finals of Euro 2012. Horses these rocks have a calm nature , smooth , wide, lightly , good balance and easy to be overwhelmed rider . Therefore, they are not interchangeable in patrolling parks , recreation areas and public events.

Luchon , Wizard , Irtysh and Baron patrol Donetsk delivered from the First Zemlenkovskogo Cossack cavalry regiment them . Ivan Sirko . This is not a stable raised champion of Ukraine and European Dressage and Jumping.

"We chose these horses together with specialists and patrol Cossack regiment . In addition they have a great exterior calm balanced character , a high degree of learning , hardy, fast restores , "- said Andrey Alyosha, President of the Corporation DMS.

A chance to see this got many viewers during the ceremonial detour horses. Three -day stay in the stable shelf our pets enough to get along well with the inspectors , cavalrymen , obeying their commands , and not react to weapon shots, which are specially produced on the field.

By the way, in the process of training horses are trained to the sounds of shots , explosions, various noises , preparing thus to possible non-standard situations while on patrol .

As noted during the briefing Varaksin Alexander, Presidential Adviser Corporation DMS, mounted police - is not just beautiful. It really is a good solution for Donetsk.

" In our city annually mass events , including sports , international competitions . This type of patrol will not replace in the face of massive crowds , "- says Andrey Alyosha. Philanthropist also expressed confidence that the horse will be presented to the regiment to serve with dignity and become real friends for Shakhtar : "As far as I know , the regiment patrol Donetsk residents often come with children to ride horses . For example, our favorite was The Wizard of children still in the Cossack regiment . "

In turn, the head of the Donetsk city department Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region Yuri SEDNEV thanked DMS Corporation and its president Andrey Alyosha for help , which is the business structure of urban management officers. In particular, funds are allocated for modern technical equipment .