DMS Corporation granted to boarding school № 4 computers with educative games

At the initiative of Donetsk City Council deputy from " Strong Ukraine " Andrey Alyosha, DMS Corporation transferred from its collection five computers (complete sets) to Donetsk boarding school № 4. More than 160 of its pupils, aged 6 to 17 years - kids with special needs in development. The main value of  computers - are numerous educational and training programs that our IT- specialists together with teachers picked for boarding small wards. It should be said that the test computers took off from  work many employees of DMS. And when you observe children who thoughtfully but with a 100% hit solve the proposed problems, involuntarily blush.
Now students of the 5th classes, in addition to the main program will be able to learn a lot of new and interesting in the world of computer games from simple logical operations to this virtual art school.
In their success, we have no doubt. Even tough exercises in drawing, which require not only the artistic imagination with what the guys have no problem, but attention steady hand and patience yielded our wards.
Enthusiasm of kids and "plenty of plans" the teachers have on the use of technology for educational purposes have been the best gratitude for us, and our IT- specialists from time to time promised to "spoil" the guys with new games and puzzles.