«Ukrbuilding Corporation» of the Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS received 2 awards from the mayor of Donetsk

On Friday, January 17 hosted the XIII Meeting of the the club of traditional design and construction, where the best companies in the construction industry were awarded.

For successful implementation of construction projects more than a dozen companies have been awarded in five categories: social object, the residential construction, reconstruction and improvement , sports facilities and transport infrastructure. Two awards was won by " Ukrbuilding Corporation" , part of the Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS, whose honorary president Andrey Alesha is the deputy of Donetsk City Council .

Each year Corporation DMS implements new large-scale projects , not only in the construction industry, a driving force behind many of the positive changes in the social and economic development of the Donetsk region and Ukraine as a whole. "To build an effective, successful and socially responsible business - are goals that underlie the strategy of Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS. We strive to ensure that products and services meet the needs of the Corporation of our customers. However, we care about our activities contributed to improve people's lives. These principles will guide us in the future " , - said Andrey Alesha.

For the reconstruction of Victory Park in the Kalinin district of Donetsk, as well as a sports complex "Kirovec" enterprise "Ukrbuilding Corporation" , a member of the Corporation DMS, received at a meeting of the design and construction of the club two awards from the mayor of Donetsk Alexander Lukyanchenko.

The first award was received for the reconstruction of Victory Park in the Kalinin district between the waterfront and the city palace of children and teenagers . Many have already donchane appreciate the beauty of this place. The park is decorated with works of the best sculptors of Donetsk , equipped with fitness equipment and a basketball court .

Second award the company " Ukrbuilding Corporation " received for the reconstruction of the sports complex " Kirovec". Thanks to the efforts of builders , the stadium has found new life . In the summer of 2013 he became a major training ground for the preparation of the FIFA World Athletics Championships . It is possible to successfully hold the event , and international management recognized Donetsk championship best in the history of its existence.

CEO "Ukrbilding Corporation" Alexander Petruk shared the secrets of success: " The most important thing - it's attitude. From superiors to simple workers, everyone should understand how important their work is for the success of the common cause. We do not just build, we want to create an environment where people will feel comfortable to live, work and rest. Sense of responsibility to the people - that's what helps make our job well and efficiently".

Summing up the year official, at a meeting of the design and construction of the club Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko thanked the participants for their hard work and wished him success in the coming year construction.

"In 2013 was disbursed 9.4 billion investment, while at the construction sites of the city had about 28,000 builders of all kinds. In addition to a large number of social facilities, was commissioned more than 241 thousand square meters. m of housing ", - announced the results in Figures Alexander Lukyanchenko . The following year, Donetsk developers are not going to slow down the pace. Planned to put into operation more than 377 thousand square meters. meters of housing , as well as complete a number of major projects.

" I wish you understanding between all construction units, ranging from workers and ending with architects and customers. As well as a healthy competition that will benefit the people of the city "- so congratulated participants of the meeting Head of construction and long-term development of the city of Donetsk Vladimir Tarabanovsky .

Praise from the authorities fully justified , because the last time in Donetsk realized enormous amount of construction projects of different scale . Financial and Industrial Corporation DMS as a whole, and the company " Ukrbuilding Corporation" in particular contribute to the construction of urban public facilities and strive to achieve the construction of the Corporation became part of the success of Donetsk.

The company "Ukrbuilding Corporation" is today 's top five construction companies in the Donetsk region, occupying 20 % of the market . The portfolio of projects " Ukrbilding Corporation" has successfully completed municipal orders for the construction and improvement of large objects integrated transport and social infrastructure .