The company "Omega-Stroy-1" expands its own vehicle fleet


This month, the company has expanded its fleet with 10 new Shacman dump trucks. This vehicle is manufactured at the Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co plant in China. In terms of their technical characteristics and scope, they are a complete analogue of the German MAN F2000 prototype:

engine type: diesel 6-cylinder Wehai WP336N turbocharged and direct injection, power 336 hp. With.;
transmission: mechanical, nine-speed;
unladen weight of the vehicle is 15.4 tons, and the carrying capacity is 25 tons;
overall dimensions: 8,329х2,49х3,45 m;
the maximum developed speed is 77 km / h;
body volume 19.32 m3;
ground clearance 385 mm;
cabin type F
Shacman's main functional benefits include:

body heating, controlled by a lever from the driver's cab;
soundproofing of the cab;
quick raising and lowering of the body, in comparison with models of European-made dump trucks.
good visibility from the cockpit due to the presence of sliding and curb mirrors;
convenient location of the oil filler neck behind the radiator grill, which does not require frequent raising of the cab;
the presence of inter-axle and inter-wheel locks, providing excellent off-road maneuverability;
winter brake lines for easier starting of the engine in winter.