DMS Corporation practical shooting team

In 2015, DMS Corporation practical shooting team was established. The CEO of DMS Andriy Alyosha, a huge fan of sport shooting with small arms, directly initiated this decision.
First success came to the new team quite quickly. The team of DMS took the 2nd place at the Practical Shooting Championship of Ukraine after the first year of its existence already. Nowadays, DMS shooters have won The National Practical Shooting Championship title and joined Ukraine national practical shooting team.

Acheivements in shooting

The team’s victories took place against the background of its leader personal progress in practical shooting. In just a few years in the professional sport Andriy Alyosha enabled to become one of Top-100 best world shooters and one of Top-50 best European ones.
Today DMS practical shooting team actively prepares to the next World Practical Shooting Championship which will take place in Pattaya (Thailand) in late November and early December this year.