By 2014, the EU will integrate internal energy market. And in Donetsk - WES?

February 4 at the European Council meeting in Brussels leaders - members of the EU signed conclusions on energy issues and the exchange of information in this context, according to UNIAN.

In particular, the document states that the foundation of European competitiveness are reliable, guaranteed, stable and affordable energy resources. In this regard, in 2014, it is planned to complete the creation of a fully integrated internal market, which should ensure the free movement of gas and electricity in all countries - EU member states. According to the assessment of the European Commission, by 2020 the total value of investment in infrastructure, both low and private, will reach $ 1 trl of euro. The document also notes the need to continue work to strengthen energy efficiency and the development of energy from renewable resources.

Domestic production of energy from renewable sources has long identified as a priority area of public policy. In particular, since 2009, has a "green" tariff and established the Energy Strategy until 2030. The latter assumes a significant increase in the proportion of so-called "clean energy" in the general energy production. Today that figure hovers around 4%.

"The introduction of "green"tariff significantly increased interest of foreign investors in the production of energy from renewable sources in Ukraine", - said vice president of commerce «DMS» Oleg Kutyrkin. "However, the same well-known foreign companies downside. Today in Europe are increasingly talking about what privileges for clean energy producers do not encourage them to rationalize costs and cost reduction objective. Therefore, in the West, for example, there are also so-called ''green certificates" that make energy makers fight for the quota of electricity consumption. "Indeed, the expert said, with the introduction of "green" tariff State guarantees investors purchase the electricity produced at fixed prices that exceed the rates for energy from traditional sources. The difference in the cost of, for example, wind energy, according to the purchasing price in January 2011, is 3.5 times.

"The number of companies that sell energy on the"green" tariff in Ukraine is constantly growing", - says Oleg Kutyrkin. " However, our country lags behind Europe and the world, as in the dynamics of growth of the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption, and the installed capacity of alternative energy production. This may be a consequence of the fact that come to the market players who are considering alternative energy solely as a source of income and not as a development strategy. Therefore, in Ukraine there are no powerful - literally and figuratively - projects the construction of wind parks. Even large industrial holdings can not finance such projects on their own, without the involvement of investment".

Negotiations with potential investors and continues to guide «DMS». Corporation has developed a few years ago the investment project of wind power in Donetsk, total capacity to 18,000 MW. This is a major project that will not only meet the needs of a significant amount of energy consumers, including industrial, but also observe the principle of domestic support. Recall that the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry" provides for the use in the construction of alternative power not less than 30% of the Ukrainian raw materials and labor - since 2012 and at least 50 % - since the beginning of 2014.

Another indicator of the importance of alternative energy production for the competitiveness of the global economy and the economies of individual countries is a significant increase in investment in electricity production from renewable sources, even in crisis years. For example, more than 6 years in the world in projects for the production of "pure" energy has been invested about $ 20 billion two years ago - 160 billion USD, and in the past year, investment reached $ 200 billion. The total installed capacity of renewable energy is estimated at 250 GW.