«Affordable housing» in Donetsk replenished apartments in new «Petrovskiy Posad»

Apartments in new "Petrovkiy Posad " increased the amount of "Affordable housing" in Donetsk 

In the Financial and Industrial Corporations DMS they understand that lending remains today perhaps the only available mechanism of pooling funds to purchase housing. When compared to conventional credit conditions in the secondary market, the affordable housing is more profitable. Thus, according to the head of the sales department of DMS Corporation Svetlana Egorova, one-roomed flat in Petrovsky district worth $ 25,000 . And the average rate on the mortgage - 18 % per annum. With a 30% downpayment (60 000 UAH . ) you will have to take 140 000 UAH in the bank. In 15 years you will pay for the loan of 380 000 UAH. 

So the main advantage of the youth credit project is in the bank’s low rates. The rest of the sum of 140 thousand UAH it is possible to borrow up for 15 years, the rate - 16% per annum, 13% of which are compensated by the state . Moreover, the total household income must not exceed 17 thousand UAH per year. The amount of borrowed sum is affordable since the average salary over the region is 3433 UAH.