Donetsk Regional Federation of hand-to-hand fighting awarded best in the Championship in Donetsk region

February 9th in FPS "Dynamo" Championship in fighting in Donetsk region was held. 
The competition, organized by Donetsk Regional Federation of hand-to-hand fighting supported by Financial and Industrial Corporations DMS, was attended by over 150 sportsmen from all cities of Donetsk region . These competitions are qualifying for the Championship of Ukraine. 
Participants were in such age categories : 14-15, 16-17 and 18 + . They demonstrated a high level of skills of Donbass fighting school. 

Athletes did not let down their coaches and those who came to support them. From 10 am until late at night the emotional degree of competition did not decrease. In the final, the winners were awarded with medals and diplomas, moreover, over 30 young athletes got tickets to Donetsk circus "Kosmos". The winner of the regional contest in the age group 16-17 years became Vitaly Logvinov, multiple fighting and kickboxing World Champion. Now he will represent Donetsk region at Ukrainian fighting Championship.The most difficult competition took place in the age group of 18 +, weight category over 90 kg. The winner in this category is Pavel Snigur, the prize winner of Europe and the world in unarmed combat and combat sambo. The president of Donetsk Regional Federation of hand-to-hand fighting Andrey Alesha said: "We are giving young athletes the opportunity to attend free sections in fighting organized in Donetsk schools , as well as participate in competitions and advance in our sport to the top. Won championship medals and certificates are not just awards, they are proofs of athletic endurance, sportsmen’s commitment, willpower, and ability to overcome difficulties. Let every step of the athletes on the way to success be assured, and the achieved results - a stimulus to world sports tops!" The director of Donetsk Regional Federation of hand-to-hand fighting Victor Kretov said: " According to the results of tournaments and championships, which our federation holds, a strong team of athletes who are willing to represent the Donetsk region on the high-level competitions is being formed. This Regional Championship showed that our athletes have a great potential and they definitely will become the leaders of the Championship of Ukraine in fighting."