Big happy family

Kids have best adults that became relatives: Chairman of the Kuibyshev district council in Donetsk Vladimir Zhiharsky, the stuff of financial and industrial corporations DMS and its permanent head Andrey Alyosha, the president of «SCM» Rinat Akhmetov and many others. They are the true friends (not sponsors - says Raisa Andreevna) of children that are under the state’s care, they have created the most favourable conditions in the orphanage.
- You cannot live without friends, - Raisa Andreevna deeply convinced of this. And she adds: “I really appreciate the care of friends. The State does not provide for the needs of orphanages. And friends: some give 50 thousand hryvnas annually, others 20,000, someone brings children fruit and DIA workers, in particular, have made and gave us colourful stands. One individual buys monthly medication for the treatment of a seriously ill girl. The most sufficient and constant aid is provided by DMS Corporation.”
And Raisa Andreevna shows guests the bedrooms: for living - with the most modern equipment, for game - carpeted, with favourite children’s toys, a TV with big screen ...
Since the age of three the kids here start learning necessary skills for their future life. Orphans are actively involved in regional and municipal contests, win prizes, have already visited Kiev and Zakarpatie.
We came to visit our wards in a great holiday, the day of St. Nicholas. Joy knew no bounds. One of the gifts from the Corporation DMS was a big bear, inside of which candies were hidden. Also there was a concert of Young Soloists of regional centre for children and teenagers, and wards dances. It was unforgettable.
How marvellous would it be if this tale could last as long as possible. We wish Raisa Andreevna and devoted to children educators, nurses, medics, the whole orphanage’s stuff strength, devotion and never stop loving children. The same concerns the wards’ best friends.