The highway with a new bridge will enables to cover the distance between Kiev and Chisinau in 5 hours

The construction of a bridge across the Dniester River, which will become part of the new highway between Kiev and Chisinau, will be financed from the state budget of Ukraine. They plan to start the project “immediately,” said Igor Zhovkva, deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, in an interview with TSN.

Moldova_ bridge“One of the projects that we will start immediately will be the construction of a bridge across the Dniester River in the Yampol-Cosauti region, and a corresponding highway that will connect Kiev and Chisinau,” he said.
According to Zhovkva, the road through the new bridge will cover the distance between the capitals in five hours.
"I would like to note that the construction of the entire bridge is carried out at the expense of Ukraine," the deputy head of the OP emphasized, adding that this project is "absolutely realistic with realistic financing."
He noticed that Kiev will also finish building part of the highway from the country's capital to the new bridge.
“Most of them have already been built, restored or reconstructed ... Moldova, for its part, will complete its own part of this highway ... they have already built a part of this road. Therefore, this is an absolutely realistic project with realistic financing ... The Ukrainian and Moldovan sides received the corresponding instructions from the two presidents, ”Zhovkva said.