Andrey Alyosha supported the project "Donetsk Smokefree"

16 December was exactly one year, as in Ukraine enacted a law banning smoking in public places and workplaces. During those 12 months visitors of cafes and restaurants in Donetsk could deeply breathe smoke-free air.

However, the problem of smoking has not been resolved definitively after adoption of the "anti-smoking law". Some institutions continued to put ashtrays in their establishments, ignoring the stipulated penalties. As for smoking on the streets, train stations and bus stops, here the law has not acted.

Donetsk activists decided that the law without public support will be ineffective, so the project  "Donetsk smoke-free", they initiated a competition for the best design of social anti-tobacco advertisements. Contest organizers received more than 100 works, the best of which were posted on the streets of Donetsk advertising planes.

One of the most ardent supporters of a healthy lifestyle in the city of Donetsk City Council deputy Andrey Alyosha, could not miss to support such an initiative, because even in the corporation «DMS», where he is the  president, the hiring priority is given to non-smokers.

"I must say that the Ukrainian market means to combat nicotine addiction underdeveloped. Leading tobacco manufacturers its financial power just crush "anti-smoking " supporters. So I, as a father of four children, who wished them a healthy development in a healthy society, could not reject  to help in the maintenance of such an action,"- said Andrey  Alyosha.

Donetsk MP accommodation provided social advertising on the streets of Voroshilovskiy, Kalininskiy, Leninskiy, Kievskiy and Kirovkiy districts.

"The fact that to solve the problem of smoking units public organizations, government and business - is a good indicator of our society" - said the head of the "Donetsk Smokefree "Tatiana Durneva.

Thanks to the "anti-smoking contest ," many residents of Donetsk once again think about the dangers of smoking, and some of them did and were able to give up nicotine addiction.

" When I saw a billboard  with the girl that being a passive smoker, who has smoked 70 packs of whitefish, felt somehow executioner. But really, we, when we are doing something, often do not think about others. We  throw garbage in the city and we do it every day. And this advertising helps to stop and think about what is happening. That's what I thought, and quit smoking",- says a student of Donetsk National University Igor Aronov.