And what about DABI? The head of the Ministry of Regional Development Chernyshev gave a comment to the LB.ua

In an interview with Sonya Koshkina and Oleg Bazar on 03/02/2021, Aleksey Chernyshev noted that his ministry will not stop until it proves the DABI reform to the "logical completion" scheduled for the end of this year."In October 2020, we returned the decrees and decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation. In fact, we liquidated the previously created State Inspectorate for Urban Development and the State Urban Planning Service (DOM and DSSM) by a corresponding government decision and created a new structure - the State Inspection of Urban Planning Architecture (DIAM ), which will work instead of Dhabi. Dhabi will be liquidated, it is already in a state of liquidation, and this is not discussed. What will happen next? Then a new law must be adopted that will regulate all this activity, "the minister said.

Commenting on the liberalization of the current legislation in the field of urban planning, Chernyshev noted the following: “The basis of the architectural and construction reform is the liberalization of the possibility of construction and the criminalization of the responsibility of the participants in this process. just inform the state, the construction of an object that corresponds to the functional purpose of your land plot and the developed design documentation has begun.what happens then? way.

After that, appropriate specialists are involved in the construction process: an architect, a developer, technical supervision, a foreman, and the like. All of these people will be personally criminally liable in the event of any violations or deviations. Previously, there was no such responsibility, but now it is very blurred. You see, what objects sometimes appear, and no one has yet incurred criminal responsibility for this.

I believe that this should be the basis of this bill. He must stimulate construction. My task as a minister, I say this at every step, is to double the amount of capital in the construction industry. We want more investments in construction. To make the industry more liberalized. By the way, one of the indicators of the Doing business index is the efficiency and ease of obtaining permits. We make the permissions so that they exist by default, if the appropriate documents are available.

The next important topic in an interview with the head of the Ministry of Regional Development was the issue of introducing building information modeling (BIM) technologies in Ukraine.

"At a regular meeting, the government of Ukraine approved the concept developed by the Ministry of Regional Development for the implementation of construction and information modeling technologies, BIM technologies, which are actively used throughout the developed world. The use of these technologies allow to plan, control and realize development objects in cities, districts and other locations more thoroughly. The end user and regulatory authorities will be able to see how everything will look with the use of technical solutions as well. This is not just someone who has drawn a beautiful house. This is a projection taking into account technologies, calculations, structures, materials, technical indicators. Including the impact on networks to neighbors, infrastructure, integration of neighborhoods, etc. - said Chernyshov.


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