DMS Corporation in Sports

Moving to the Capital City has also opened up new sporting opportunities. In 2015, a DMS practical shooting team was established. The captain of the team became Andrey Alyosha.  In the same year they started to participate in national tournaments.

After persistent training, the team and in the individual standings Alyosha Andrey himself, all the higher in the results and eventually began to take the prizes:

  • 18-20.12.2015 DMS team took the 2nd place at the Championship of Ukraine "Pistol" ;
  • 16-18.12.2016 - 4th place in the Final Cup of Ukraine ІІІ rank "Pistol" class Production;
  • 24-25.05.2019 DMS team took 2nd place in the Ukrainian Cup of Practical Shooting;
  • 1.09.2019 Andrey Alyosha took 2nd place at the Kiev Open Practical Shooting Championship;
  • 21-22.09.2019 personal offset at the Practical Shooting Championship of Ukraine.

Finally, in October 2019, the DMS team became champions of Ukraine. Alyosha Andrey himself had defended the title of Master of Sport of Ukraine a little earlier. This allowed him to go to international tournaments. And the team members joined the permanent team of Ukraine in practical shooting.  Further there were European and World championships and various international tournaments. During these few years Alyosha entered the 100 Best Shooters of the World and 50 Best Shooters of Europe! 

Today the team improves its skills and trains hard. After all, in winter 2020 there will be World Championship in Thailand. Where several thousand shooters from 105 countries will go.