DMS Corporation is an economically and socially responsible business based on national and common human values and developing in accordance with the global best practices.

Our mission is a full-scale contribution to the development of the Ukrainian economy, improvement of business standards and living standards in the country. Good-faith and mutually beneficial partnerships with business entities, the government, local self-governance authorities, and civil society, with the active people capable of thinking and working, are our essentials.

Our priorities are:

  • development of existing and creation of new economic and environmentally-friendly production facilities;
  • retention and extension of workplaces with decent salaries and continuous professional development;
  • implementation of common social programs together with the territorial communities;
  • improvement of the Corporation’s reputation as a reliable partner and a successful entity in the Ukrainian economy;
  • support of all the vulnerable social groups: assistance to the children deprived of parental care, people with special needs, veterans of the Second World War and pensioners, internally displaced persons from our region, who were forced to leave the territory of the Joint Forces Operation;
  • wide popularisation of sports and healthy lifestyle, support of amateur and professional sports;
  • support of cultural and spiritual development of the society.