The history of DMS Financial and Industrial Corporation is the history of the people who started their own business and shaped the present-day market contours during the period of establishment of the market: the business team of the future company group developed the real production facilities while the forces and ideas of the businessmen were concentrated on the strategic tasks.

DMS Corporation was established in 2007 following the consolidation of the enterprises working in different industries of the economy, in order to accumulate the resources, optimise management and economic activity, and represent and protect common interests in different segments of the regional and national markets: metallurgy, coal mining, agriculture, construction, outdoor advertising, repairs of rolling stock, carriage and logistical services, integral business security services, and real estate management. Andrii Alosha became the President of the Corporation.

The first enterprises, which were later consolidated into the Corporation, appeared at the turn of the 20th century. It was the rolled stock and coal market in 1998, and the security services appeared some time later. Bordy Ukrainy Media, the outdoor advertising company, has been developing since 2003. In 2005, Ukrbuilding Corporation LLC entered the Ukrainian market: the company managed to increase its marketshare quickly in the segments of construction of high-quality and affordable accommodation, administrative buildings, shopping and exhibition centres, reconstruction of health care and educational facilities, comprehensive improvement of the municipal and private infrastructure, and construction and reconstruction of viaducts, roads and stadiums. The professional strategy, efficient management and high-quality operations have enabled the construction unit of DMS Corporation to increase its commercial construction market share in the region up to 25 %. Production and Commercial Firm “Transport and Freight Forwarding Leasing Company “MTS” LLC was also established in 2005: the company provides the package repair services for any rolling stock and supplies spare parts for railway transport.

Owing to optimisation of the business processes and expansion of opportunities in DMS Corporation, the enterprises achieve considerable results while the Corporation has a commanding lead in its traditional industries. The accumulated business experience not only enables the companies to develop programmes for attracting investment into the development of the group’s basic sectors, but also turns into an important competitive advantage in its entry into new markets.

Since 2013, the Corporation has been mastering the agricultural market and increasing its market share in viticulture and planting of traditional summer crops. The representative office of DMS was opened in the City of Zaporizhzhia the same year: its operations were focused on the regional metal product, construction and oil product markets in the Regions of Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk.

2014 was the bifurcation point for Ukraine. DMS Corporation as a successful entity in the national economy oriented at its country’s interests made its choice in favour of the Ukrainian economic and political agenda. The company’s head office moved to Kyiv and started the new stage in its history, hard and filled with challenges. Keeping the spirit of Donetsk and preserving the best traditions, the multi-profile prospective business turned into a clear and beneficial partner on the national market in Kyiv.