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Ukrainian locomotive company

Ukrainian Locomotive Company - comprehensive solutions for the operation of railway transport.

The experience and knowledge gained in the development of business areas in different industries and in the railway transport market, passed from generation to generation, we provide the following types of services for our clients:

- Lease of railway equipment (diesel locomotives / locomotives) with their own crews of drivers and assistant drivers;

- Purchase and sale of new railway equipment;

- Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of railway transport;

- Repair and modernization of existing railway vehicles;

- Repair and supply of replacement parts for locomotives.

We have significant experience in the field of negotiations, legal support, and the provision of repair and maintenance of driving traction and railway vehicles, which stems from the traditionally high level of staff training and the developed Ukrainian railway industry. We provide services in any territory of the space 1520, wherever our customers are. A whole range of highly qualified specialists, for whom railways are a professional business, is integrated into each of our projects.

The Ukrainian locomotive company is considering proposals for investments, partnership programs from manufacturers of railway transport in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS, Baltic countries.

For more information, please send a request, which we will not leave unanswered. Contact for request.

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