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Advertising Agency "BUM AUTDOR", the national operator of outdoor advertising, successfully operates in the market for over 10 years.

The agency conducts advertising campaigns by order of individuals, Ukrainian and international companies. The clients of "BUM AUTDOR" are such large media groups as "Group M", "ADV", "OMD", as well as multinational companies Comfi, LG, Metro and many others. 

Today the infrastructure of "BUM AUTDOR" is presented by own advertising constructions in the east of Ukraine, also the agency renders services of media buying - the complex address program totals more than 1000 advertising planes of any formats covering all territory of Ukraine. 

Competitive advantages of the agency: 


  • prompt execution of the order - 3 days for placement, 2 days for the photo report; individual needs of clients are taken into account;
  • staffed qualified and responsible personnel (poklejschiki) and own equipment;
  • system monitoring of the quality of services provided;
  • tax credit granting.


For the purpose of increasing the coverage density and ensuring the scale of advertising campaigns for the clients the agency 'BUM AUTDOR' plans to increase the number of own advertising carriers in the central part of Ukraine (Kyiv and Kyiv oblast), in this connection considering the offers on purchasing address programmes. 


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