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Protect the homeland - we'll protect you!

License of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine № 184509.

Private security company "Titan" was founded on the initiative of the participant of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the defender of the Donetsk airport Anatoly Svirid with the purpose of employment of the combatants and development of a successful business project that protects the integrity of state, municipal and private property and provides physical safety of people and businesses. 

The basis of personnel policy of the enterprise is social orientation: people with disabilities and IDPs are also employed here. 

PE "Titan" provides a wide range of high quality services for legal entities and individuals: 

  • security of stationary facilities and provision of a checkpoint regime; 
  • control over departmental security of facilities;
  • ensuring the observance of public order and security within the framework of activities;
  • protection of agricultural land;
  • personal protection of individuals, ensuring the property security of Ukrainian citizens and foreign nationals;
  • protection of tourist groups; 
  • protection of goods and valuables; 
  • protection of currency valuables that are transported by the authorized representatives of the customer, delivery and export of currency valuables to/from exchange offices;
  • consultations on the choice of security systems (security alarm, video surveillance systems, access control systems), design of complex security systems of any complexity;
  • installation and maintenance of technical means of security, security and alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems of any complexity;
  • expertise of technical means of security installed at facilities. 

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