Social capital

The success of a business entity is determined by its ability to consider commercial efficiency as a basis for its “mental” development rather than its only significant purpose. Such development necessitates the investment not only into the economically profitable projects, but also into the improvement of management and production standards and reputation. It results in energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, production safety, development and introduction of innovation solutions and technologies, creation of comfortable working conditions and social protection of the staff as well as support of the communities in the territory of the company’s presence. 

DMS Financial and Industrial Corporation has always treated social activity as a constituent element of the corporate mission and business strategy, an important area of management: the Corporation’s enterprises created their own and supported the existing social programmes in Donetsk and the Region of Donetsk. The consistent work was performed in three main areas: popularisation of sports and healthy life style among children, teenagers and the youth, assistance to the children deprived of parental care, and support of pensioners and participants of the Second World War. 

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In 2014, the Corporation had to suspend the social programs in Donetsk and the Region of Donetsk. However, many years of the valuable experience of consistent work aimed at implementing the initiatives to support and develop children, the youth and to assist the vulnerable groups will definitely be of use within the territory of the company’s current presence and, of course, in Donetsk when the Ukrainian flag returns to the city.