Corporation’s Prospects

DMS Financial and Industrial Corporation has a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of projects in the real economy, including introduction of innovation solutions. In 2010-2013, the group’s specialists cooperated with the leading scientists of Donetsk and Ukraine based on the advanced foreign experience and developed a number of investment projects in the area of coal mining, construction, production of alternative fuel and outdoor advertising, which were highly appreciated by the expert community, but unfortunately were not implemented for objective reasons. 

The Corporation is now working on the new investment programmes that may be a basis for business collaboration at the national level and by engaging foreign investors. When the projects are developed, the main requirement is the demand for an innovative nature of the solutions, their practical implementability and an optimum risk to opportunity ratio. 

We will be happy to cooperate with any entities interested in the development of the Ukrainian economy and improvement of the investment environment in the country.