Advertising Agency BOOM OUTDOOR LLC

Advertising Agency BOOM OUTDOOR LLC, the national outdoor advertising operator, has been working on the market successfully for more than ten years.

The agency conducts advertising campaigns by the order of individuals, Ukrainian and international companies. The customers of BOOM OUTDOOR include such major media groups as Group M, ADV, OMD as well as transnational companies Comfy, LG, Metro, and many others. 

At present, the infrastructure of BOOM OUTDOOR is represented with its own advertising structures in the east of Ukraine, and the agency also offers media buying services: the integral targeted program has more than 1,000 advertising units of any format covering the entire territory of Ukraine. 

The agency’s competitive advantages are: 

In order to increase the coverage and scale of the advertising campaigns for the agency’s clients, BOOM OUTDOOR is going to increase the number of its own advertising media in the central part of Ukraine (Kyiv and Kyiv Region), so it is ready to consider offers regarding purchase of the target programmes.