Career in DMS

The Corporation’s staff are a team of single-minded people, united, ambitious and responsible professionals who help DMS remain the influential participant of social and economic processes. The team is one of the group’s major competitive advantages, especially at the new development stage. That is why the Corporation’s HR policy is aimed at creating the most comfortable working conditions and ample opportunities for professional self-fulfillment. 

DMS Corporation has high social standards that procure: 

  • Fair and efficient labour remuneration and bonus system that encourages the employees to achieve the necessary results;
  • Conditions for continuous personal and professional development, including with the Corporation’s financial support;
  • Ample health recovery, rest and high-quality leisure opportunities for the employees and their families.

Another priority of DMS’s HR policy is the employment of young qualified specialists with good prospects from among the internally displaced persons. 

As an employer, DMS Corporation is currently of interest both for novices and experienced professionals: achievement of the company’s strategic purposes makes the work exciting, useful and efficient, and there are ample opportunities for self-fulfillment even for the demanding professionals with high qualifications and non-standard thinking.

The Corporation keeps forming the talent pool for all the directions of its activities. We suggest that you become a member of our highly-professional team where you can succeed.

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